Four simple and fun hacks for improving your Serbian in Belgrade

Tired of tricky Serbian grammar and traditional learning activities? Don`t despair, there are plenty of ways to make your learning Serbian more productive and enjoyable.
Here are four helpful tips that especially could come in handy if you are visiting Serbia or staying here for a while.

Watch wonderful Serbian movies with English subtitles on big screen

If you are interested in recent Serbian film production, Serbian films for foreigners might just be your next favorite cultural offer in Belgrade. Each screening is followed by an interview in English with the author so crowd can enjoy in a thought-provoking conversation and share their ideas and thoughts awakened by the movies. Entrance is free of charge and screenings take part in KC Grad. Take a look at the site for more information.

       Engage in language exchange meetings

       Practice makes perfect and there is no better place to practice your language skills then in language exchange events. Polyglot club Sunday café Belgrade and Language café Belgrade organize friendly and fun gatherings on regular basis in which you can not only talk in Serbian, but in any other language you use.  Locals, travelers and foreigners meet and ones with same language interests engage in a conversation in desired language. Sounds amazing, doesn`t it? Feel free to share precious knowledge of your mother tongue too, native speakers are always more than welcome to meetings. Here you can read more about these lovely gatherings.

 Take part in group activities and go to events

      If you are adventurous and curious to discover Belgrade`s stunning cultural scene, don`t hesitate to visit our museums, theaters, cinemas, cultural centers and many other incredible places. Here you can easily get up to date information about cultural, artistic and educational events in Belgrade and other cities in Southeastern Europe at
      Besides that, if you are staying here for a while, try to find an activity to do with locals that inspires you. For example, if you are into yoga, why wouldn`t you join a yoga class here – that would be a great chance to talk a bit more in Serbian and maybe make new Serbian friends with mutual interests. 

Find a language buddy

Majority of younger population in Serbia speaks English and is absolutely delighted when gets an opportunity to practice and exchange their language skills with foreigners. No matter what language you speak, here you can always find a friend who would like to meet up and chat with. At the Faculty of philology in Belgrade you can connect with foreign language students who either study your mother tongue or some other language you speak and exchange language knowledge. Don`t forget: language exchange is a priceless way to overcome the gap between language lessons and build up your skills by getting to know the real spoken language and informal expressions.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more tips and tricks for learning Serbian

prepared by: Jovana Golubović, Serbian teacher, member of our team


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