Приказују се постови за новембар, 2017

The benefits of Cambridge English: Young Learners for young learners

Amy Devine and Maggie Dunlop, Research and Thought Leadership, Cambridge English Language Assessment 

Cambridge English: Young Learners is a suite of tests developed specifically for children around 6 – 12 years of age. There are three levels, called Starters, Movers and Flyers, and each level comprises three papers testing different language skills: listening, reading and writing, and speaking. 
Cambridge English: Young Learners is designed to make learning English fun and enjoyable, and give children and their families a chance to celebrate their achievements in English. For this reason, the tests use age-appropriate activities and colourful images, and all candidates receive a certificate showing their achievement in the form of one to five shields per paper. This article uses evidence mostly from Cambridge English research in schools in Spain, Taiwan, and Vietnam to show how Cambridge English: Young Learners motivates children, encourages them and their teachers to learn the full ra…