Cambridge English webinar

Concord Language School has regular monthly seminars. At the last one our teachers watched a very interesting Cambridge webinar called Fun and achievement in young learners classroom.

Aims of the session were:
Ø to explore ideas of motivation
Ø to examine the testing of reading and writing in Cambridge English: Young Learners
Ø to share practical ideas on how to make preparation for Cambridge English: Young Learners tests fun and motivating
It was agreed that the most interesting and demanding tasks of a teacher is how to motivate their students.  One of the suggested definition of motivation is: 
To motivate =  to stimulate the interest of someone;  to cause someone to want to do something 
Popular activities that can be used to enhance motivation are: games, songs, stories, movement, pictures, working together, problem-solving, a positive classroom environment, praise, opportunities for risk
However, no matter how many interesting activities there are, there will always be some that children do not enjoy. Some of them are:  working alone, doing grammar exercises, listening to others in the class, reading aloud, doing tasks that are too easy, doing tasks that are too difficult.
Finally , when we read John Atkinson’s theory of motivation:  “All individuals can be characterised by two learned drives, a motivate to approach success and a motivate to avoid failure”, we have to ask ourselves which group do we belong to...

From: A Will to Learn, Martin V.Covington, Cambridge University Press

Milica Filipović, English teacher 

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